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AB02 断路器系列

AB02 断路器系列
Circuit Breaker

 Voltage: 15VDC  30VDC;250VAC   125VAC

Current 1~30A   1~15A;1~15A   1~30A

Temperature range: 60~180

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AB02 is a precise protector with plastic housing.

Itis sensitive to both temperature and current and canprotect

motor or transformer from over heating or loading effectively.

Principle design:

 When ambient temperature or current exceeds the

specified value, the inside bimetal of HC02 series will

trip off to cut the circuit. When the temperature

lowers down, the bimetal will reset and the circuit is

connected again .

Special Features:

  Small size, long life and high reliability.

  Accurate trip off time to prevent motor fromoverheating.

  Both temperature and current sensitive.

  Terminal are variable.

Electrical Characteristics:

  1 ~ 30 amps/1s volts DC

  1 ~ 15 amps/30 volts DC

  1 ~ 15 amps/2s0 volts AC

  1 ~ 30 amps/12s volts AC

Technical parameters:

  Available with nominal calibration temperature from60 ·C to 180 ·C

 Tolerance Code ± 8t, ±10 ·C

 Trip off current range: 1 ~ 30A

 Time check at T - ambient 25°C 4 to 10 secondsMain applications are asfollows:

  Window lift motors

  Sun roof motors

 Front and rear wiper motors

 Sliding door motors

AB02B  Series

AB02B Series

Please check below thermal protector/thermal switch we provide:

Manufacturer Photos:

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