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Leakage protection device selection
Date:01/23/2013   Click:1373

The leakage protector can be classified according to their protection function, structure features, installation mode,operation mode, pole number and line number, the action sensitivity classification, here mainly according to theprotection and use of classification are described, in general can be divided into leakage protection relay, electric leakage protection switch and electrical leakage protection socket three.

To be in what circumstances so choose what leakage protector?

1 must be installed leakage protection equipment and site for. Mobile and handheld electric tool, electric equipmentused in the wet, corrosive environment bad places.

2 should be selected in line with standard products. Single phase 220V should use bipolar two wire or two wire typesingle stage leakage protector; three-phase three wire 380V device should use triode three wire type electric leakage protector; three-phase four wire 380V device, or single-phase and three-phase equipment equipment sharing circuitshould use triode four wire or four wire leakage protection quadrupole device.

3 for the protection of the direct shock, should use leakage protector fast action type high sensitivity, operating current not exceeding 30mA; classified protection, power supply terminal should use low sensitivity to delay type protector.

The main loop conductor 4 through type zero sequence current transformer should be together and twisted through the transformer, left at the two ends to prevent the proper distance to separate after normal unbalanced magnetic fluxcaused by misoperation.