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Leakage protection device operation and maintenance
Date:01/21/2013   Click:1450

Leakage protection device operation and maintenance room should pay attention to matters

(1) should develop a system, professional maintenance, regular jump, and record the operating.

(2) if you have any problems, we should analysis processing, not out of operation without authorization, or consciousthe failure.

(3) trip during normal operation, if the reason for the motor starting or large current impact, then take alternate startup, properly adjust the location, or with short delay from shock. If reason to increase the leakage current caused by rain, can be a temporary adjustment sensitivity.

Direct contact protection for the human body direct contact with the charged body. Indirect contact protection forhuman contact due to leakage and other faults, the protection of metal shell charged.

The action principle of leakage protection switch: there are two groups in a core: an input current winding and an output winding current, when no leakage, equal input current and output current, on the core flux vector two and zero,would not be in the third windings induce potential. Otherwise it will form the third winding induction voltage, after amplification to drive the actuator, the switch trip.

Note: the sensitivity of leakage protector must be high, so we must choose the big brands to security, such as SIEMENS is good, because they are on line detection is very precise and sensitive, in 0.1 seconds can detect abnormal, and the degree of injury has not yet reached in current intensity and time before and immediately tripping,cut off the main loop power supply, and fully guarantee the personal safety. And if the use of poor quality brands, orold, even if only a second or even 0.5 seconds late, but the harm to the human body is fatal. Life safety, must be vigilant!