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The difference between the relay and circuit breaker
Date:01/18/2013   Click:2207

1, the relay which belongs to the two equipment, intermediate relays, voltage relays, current relay, time relay, used for signal sampling, switching, control, protection, belonging to the low voltage equipment, contact capacity is small,typically 5A;

Circuit breaker which belongs to a device, air circuit breaker, circuit breaker, vacuum circuit breaker, it directly to workin a power line, load for the separation and combination (control) the action of the power supply, according to thedifferent models, different working voltage and contact capacity

2, the relay is used for small current control large current, usually used in the control circuit, a relay control circuit isused two times;

Switch circuit breaker is a breaker type, control circuit, control circuit.

3, the relay is a small current or low voltage amplification. Is the expansion of two connection ways;

Circuit breaker in addition to fuse the same can start and stop the electric equipment and avoids the need to changethe fuse of trouble.

4, the circuit breaker: high and low points, can cut off the short circuit current. For the protection of the circuit fault ofpower supply and electric equipment failure. It can be used repeatedly;

Relay: only low and weak current circuit using. For the control loop, the circuit realizes the function of control and protection. Usually drive power for small power. Control is realized between the circuit components of different voltage grades. According to its function can be divided into: voltage relays, current relay, power relay, time relay, thermal relay, current voltage relay