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The refrigerator components
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1, a compensating heater

Generally use the resistance heating wire (such as Nie Gesi), processed into coil close to the refrigerating evaporator back. The power supply in series in a special switch (compensation switch), it is the role of theenvironment temperature (room temperature) below 10 degrees to turn on the switch, the heating wires are electrified heating, consciously raise the temperature of the refrigerating chamber (open temperature and room temperature), prompting the temperature control contact closed compressor, electric operation.

The refrigerator when the weather is cold, often do not start, resulting in the higher temperature of the freezing chamber. This problem can be to open the refrigerator door ", check the temperature compensation switch" is open,because the control head refrigerator temperature controller is arranged in the cold room, when the environment temperature is below 10 DEG C, near or below the temperature in the refrigerating chamber, the refrigerator will be very difficult to start. Therefore to the temperature compensation switch open, improve the temperature controllerprobe temperature, in order to enforce the refrigerator freezer room not thaw started to make. And remember, when the environmental temperature is higher than 10 DEG C, do not forget the "temperature compensation switch" open and close, otherwise they will have no downtime phenomenon. Compensating heater after the start, the refrigerating chamber temperature, temperature of compressor start, to boot, the freezing chamber can meet the performance requirements.

2, fixed temperature reset thermostat

The compressor start stop control to control the temperature in the freezer component.

The pressure type temperature controller can be divided into three parts: the temperature sensing component, a switch box and a body assembly.

(1) the temperature sensing component is a temperature sensing part temperature changes will be transformed by the refrigerant effect for the pressure changes within the system, and then through the bellows the pressurechanges into thrust variation has a certain displacement.

(2) the switch box component is the role of outside displacement under the action of the contacts open or closed, so as to control the start stop circuit.

(3) the main body box is balance, temperature and components will be a sense of force displacement amplification,to generate push force and displacement of the switch box component, obtain different temperature characteristics.

The pressure type temperature controller can be defined as: feeling temperature components change into the inner pressure of the system change, and a temperature controller switch on-off by certain institutions to promote.

The thermostat is usually placed in the cold room. Temperature sensor is contacted with a refrigerating chamber evaporator. Whether it is the refrigerator temperature level, the starting temperature is always constant. At each stopafter refrigeration evaporator temperature rises to a set temperature (such as 4 DEG C) turned around. Therefrigerating chamber evaporator on the cream in the compressor start before basically all natural melt.

Its gear digital (0 ~ 7) have (weak, medium and strong). The larger the number or more strong corresponding boxtemperature is low, the air temperature is high (such as summer) general to 1-3 file; when the temperature is lower(winter) to 3-6 files. Usually 0 stops, 7 for the non stopping gear shift.

3, compensation switch / temperature magnetic switch

(1) the general compensation switch: this switch only when the environment temperature is lower than 10 DEG Clower than 10 DEG C such as open, not open, refrigerator may the long time does not start, the freezing chambertemperature is higher; higher than 10 DEG C (Xia Tian), if you open the switch, the refrigerator may boot time is too long.

(2) temperature sensor technology: self sensing technique is to increase a temperature control magnetic switch on the refrigerator, the temperature compensation switch to replace the original manual mechanical temperature control refrigerator, realize automatic temperature compensation in the mechanical refrigerator temperature control on.When the environment temperature is less than 12 degrees, the self induction switch is turned on, to realize thecompensation, when the environment temperature is greater than 16 degrees, the self induction switch off, cancel the compensation. Eliminates the trouble of operation manual switch, and can bring electricity saving, accuratecompensation benefits.

Because the switch one year only to the action time, and therefore often users forget, into the winter will switch in thecompensation state often don't remember to exit the compensating state in the future after the winter, eventually resulting in users endless power consumption, in the summer even without stopping.

After the magnetic sensitive temperature control switch to replace the manual switch, completely solve the problem,the user never so much power, winter would not boot.

4, door lamp switch / magnetic door switch

Refrigerator lighting lamp on-off control. Refrigerator door open when the lamp is bright, the refrigerator door is closed when the lighting lamp.

Magnetic door switch: a position detection switch, in normal working condition, the element in the range of the predetermined switching on and off, by the magnetic reed pipe and the permanent magnet form.

The magnetic switch principle: when no external magnet, a dry reed tube inside two contacts switch to the innermagnetic ring under the action of the magnetic switch is normally closed state, so in the refrigerator door open when the lights. When the refrigerator door is closed, eliminating the external magnet cold storage door on the inner magnetic ring of the magnetic field, the two contacts are disconnected, the magnetic switch normally open state, so in the cold when the door is closed, the lights went out.