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Why heat protector price small size low temperature high?
Date:01/28/2013   Click:1445

Thermal protector everyone knows is used to protect the motor and the circuit is not important because the originalreasons of abnormal high temperature to burn, functions are similar, why thermal protector has the advantages of small size, low price of temperature will be much higher than the general? Now I'm under the analysis of all thereasons.

Thermal protection device 1, small volume while the need for large volume of material than less, this point of view the cost will be low, but the requirements of small size thermal protector on parts of a more sophisticated, in a one-offnondefective semi-finished parts of the rate of relative will be lower, resulting in loss of cost will be higher.

2, small volume of the product in the assembly because of fine, to a higher standard, the overall production efficiency will also lower than large volume products.

3, low temperature product as core component of double metal sheets - treatment has a certain degree of difficulty,the lower the temperature, the more difficult the control accuracy and production requirements of a higher standard,more high during the production of the production ratio.

Based on the above reasons, the thermal protector products, more is small in volume, low temperature relatively the same characteristics of the product price will be higher.