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Selection of thermocouple sensor
Date:01/21/2013   Click:1276

The thermal couple from the two different metal wire end adjacent (metal A and metal B) form. When the thermal couple at the end of heating, heat coupling circuit is series of current flowing through the. You may use thetemperature gradient onset voltage total temperature.

Thermocouple is the most commonly used sensors in temperature measurement. With a thermistor, RTD sensor and IC sensor is compared, thermocouple and most in need of benefit is the wide temperature field and adapt to variousatmospheric conditions. Thermocouple sensor is much stronger than the other, will produce in the spot welding.Thermocouple temperature sensor is self powered and the self-made.

Voltage and temperature short linear coherent, when changing the voltage change of temperature is small. You need to use the measurement facility to measure the voltage so small. The rest, thermocouple the most innocent andtemperature sensor is the most unstable.

Because the voltage and temperature of black and whellote linear coherent, so it is difficult to get the measured voltage transformation temperature. For the calculation of the thermal couple temperature (Tx), you need toreference temperature (Tref) for the second measurement. Although the contemporary data recorder software and /or hardware through the instrument internal processing voltage - temperature transformation, but the extra measurealso spend more time measurement.

In short, the thermocouple temperature sensor is the most simple and ordinary tablets, using thermocouple easy tojust adjacent to the two line. Although this type of sensor is to use the cheapest most common temperature sensor,but the thermal couple is not suitable for the application of high precision.