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Liquid level switch
Date:01/22/2013   Click:1264

Liquid level switch, as the name suggests, is to control the liquid level switch, for us, the most familiar application is in full automatic washing machine and its application. We all know that fully automatic washing machine we plug only needs, then tap it. The washing machine is how to know how much water, how much to add water, this depends on the liquid level switch, it to control valve, the water level reaches to a proper position, in order to achieve the best cleaning effect. Liquid level switch type many, taking all factors into consideration, washing machine of commonly used in pressure type water level switch, which is arranged in the upper washing cylinder, it has an opening at the lower end of the trachea to the cylinder of a bottom, the water pipe in the air was closed not to come out in the inside, will form a slightly higher pressure than the outside. The higher water pressure is high, so according to the pressure can be indirectly measured water level. While the pressure measurements are still used by the elastic element, the deformation element drives the contact to complete the on-off action.

This method of the liquid level is called "static pressure method", in the industry a lot of. But a more direct method ismore commonly used is the "float" method, I believe we have seen fishing, the fishing line tied to have a float, the float floats on the water, when a fish bites the bait, floater will up and down beat, at this point we can pull. But theindustry is using more float, is actually a ball with rod. The rising of the knowledge industry It is evident to anyone,early use of water level float measurement in a water tower. Because the tower several storeys high, if people climb up observation, so much trouble. As long as the rope through the pulley to the water float and the tower outside theheavy block together, can be in the ground up value block on the scale position, so as to know how much watertower. This is a very simple and immediate way.

By the displacement of the float drives the contact on-off switch to form the level is also very easy, for example with a delicate small switch (the switch is called "micro switch"), installed in the toilet water tank float end like that with lever,then this package installed on a height of container. When the. When the float up to this height, bar the float switch is not issued under on-off signal? Of course this is possible, but the market has complete sets of products like. But there is a more simple way, buy a small magnetic float liquid level switch installed on the line.

The density meter is one such instrument, it is a glass tube made of simple instrument. With it we can conveniently measure all kinds of liquid density.