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In 2010 the thermostat industry began rapid development
Date:01/17/2013   Click:6413
Mechanical temperature controller applied in household appliance manufacturing field is very wide, almost all electrical appliances need this gadget. Therefore, in the rapid development of China household electrical appliance industry in recent years driven, thermostat market has maintained the development trend of the steel supply and demand. However, suffering the global financial crisis of 2009, the thermostat for suddenly felt hitherto unknownpressure to survive. By 2010 the situation has improved in a number of national support policies to promote the.Household appliance production and sales to restore the vitality of the thermostat procurement volume also increased obviously.

Start flourishing in 2010

The 2010 production and sales growth of 20% over the same period in 2009, and growth is more contribution fromoverseas orders. In 2010, Dongguan Kaine brand thermostat export volume growth of 50% compared to the same period in 2009.

Strix (Guangzhou) Electric Appliance Co., China Sales Manager Lv Tian also said: "the 2010 temperature controller market very prosperous, which in Strix expected. Strix is market research team, has formed a close communicationthrough and customers, quickly, accurately understand the change of household appliance retail market demand,and to make the effective mechanism of judgment. Therefore, the purchase of 2010 home thermostat suddenly on the volume of motor enterprise. Strix did not feel unprepared, production, sales order." Speaking of the thermostatindustry sales brisk, reasons for the rapid increment of market demand. Ningbo yuan sales director party thermostatCo., Zhu Yun think, first of all, the mechanical type thermostat supply of low price, simple structure, convenient installation, long service life, high reliability and adjustable temperature range, along with the development of the home electrical appliance industry, the widely used sales accessories products and better is the trend of the times.Secondly, push in the home appliances to the countryside, with old change new national policy, in 2010 the home appliance products production, sales increment is very obvious, effectively promote the development of the wholeproduction chain. In addition, consumers attach great importance to the household electrical appliances the use of safety, the relevant standards and regulations of the state on the reliability of home appliances further provisions,some large appliance brands to ensure product safety, eliminate hidden dangers, and even willing to machineequipped with a plurality of temperature controller, this has stimulated the development of thermostat industry to a certain extent. And one of the main reason is that the financial crisis in 2009. Many machine production enterprises to reduce production risks, have adopted cutting production strategy, but the market demand still exists objectively,when the macro economic environment, the backlog of orders in the first quarter of 2010 to focus on the release of.

Fit the application field of the procurement requirements

The same is the thermostat, but because the whole products supporting different fields, there are great differences between the thermostat production enterprise situation, at the same time, a plurality of category thermostatproduction enterprises, must be based on market dynamics on product line and each category products accounted for adjustments.

It is understood that, in accordance with the principle of work, the mechanical type thermostat can be divided intopressure type, double metal chip, capillary type three categories. Among them, the pressure is mainly used inrefrigeration household appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, air conditioning; double sheet metal can be divided into kicking and tripping type two kinds, mainly used in electric kettle, coffee pot, electric irons and other small household electrical appliances, motor, compressor and other products; capillary tube type temperature controlleralso be divided into expansion type and liquid expansion type two kinds. Usually supporting heating in volume fryer,electric ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, electric water heaters and other older household appliances."Electrical" the reporter understands, 2010. The temperature controller is arranged in the heating use household electrical appliance market is obviously better than assembled on the refrigerator, air conditioning and other refrigeration field thermostat.

   What is the interview to Dongguan Kaine brand switch temperature on Mr Ma, and their products are temperaturetype in the thermostat temperature of various professional, current type, home appliances category, motor, precisionequipment, a breakthrough billion mark in annual sales in 2010; the prospects are very optimistic, is expected next year's sales turnover 3 times, is now high rise civil, industrial park to build a new! Kowloon annual temperature controller 6000000, mainly is the capillary type temperature controller, wherein, the electric water heater thermostatsupporting the total sales of about 60%, supporting the oven thermostat accounted for about 10%, the thermostatsupporting dishwasher, heaters and other household appliances accounted for 30%. Han Shaoneng said: "a few bigclass of 2010 Kowloon flag sales of the thermostat are good. Especially the temperature controller applied to high-power oven, sales growth rate is very obvious. The future, Kowloon will be according to the actual market demand to adjust the production ratio of each product category."

According to introducing, Yuanfang thermostats product category is very rich, there are 6 major series, of which about 50% auxiliary heating use of household electrical appliances, 50% supporting the use of household electrical appliances refrigeration. Zhu Yun think, very scientific, division of production pattern that she said: "the production and marketing of the formation of a good season complementary, so, Yuan Fang, thermostat production throughout the year are very fire. At present, Yuan Fang also plans to further expand the product types, the formation of the thermostat diversify. Continue to meet the matching requirements of machine factory."

    The pressure type temperature controller Foshan Tong Bao's annual sales reached 1800000000 yuan. Among them,the sudden jump temperature controller with annual sales of 80000000 yuan, annual sales of 80000000 yuanprotection device. Expansion type capillary temperature controller with annual sales of 30000000 yuan. "Electrical"reporters learned. Foshan Tongbao different thermostat production sales presentation "polarization". Matchingrefrigerator, air conditioning pressure type temperature controller of business "marking time", and the sudden jump temperature controller is in short supply. In this regard, the wheat harvest said: "pressure type mechanicaltemperature controller is mainly used in low-end refrigerators, high-end refrigerators have been changed to the electronic temperature control device. 2010 Foshan Tongbao launched new products variety of pressure temperature controller, but the market does not buy it, sales did not appear significant growth in ju. This year, the sudden jump temperature controller business grew by 20% ~ 30%, growth is gratifying, Foshan Tongbao ready to follow the market, increase the number of equipment to improve the output of such products."

The birth of new market changes in temperature controller

R & D requirements, an interview, Lu Huo very much agree with fittings factory should pay close attention to changes in the market point of view of the whole machine, but he also told "electrical" reporters, Strix had jumped out of thestage, with many years of accumulated experience has focused on electric kettle industry and R & D strength,leading to the development trend of electric kettle accessories factory the identity of the. Because, Strix has a specialty -- provides the overall design scheme of electric kettle. It is understood, there are product innovation wellsacrificed every year, in 2009 sales of the "fire" is a rapid electric water heater scheme. This set of design changes the electric water heater all at once all the water heating mode, only 200ml of hot water heating, just a cup of.Through this design, electric water heater is more energy saving. The heating speed is faster, boil a cup water onlytens of seconds. For supporting the rapid electric water heater scheme. Strix for thermostat also made the corresponding adjustment, make the temperature control more sensitive. With this point, rapid electric water heaterin the European market, sell very well, in Europe's top three best-selling electric kettle brand have adopted thisscheme.

R Han Kang data display, the high-end refrigerator market is developing rapidly, the retail volume share hasincreased from 12.15% in 2007 to 29.42% in the first quarter of 2010, retail sales year-on-year growth rate as high as 98.64%. Because of the high-end refrigerators using electronic temperature control, no longer need to pressuretype mechanical thermostat, thermostat production enterprises expressed concern for many. In this regard, the wheat harvest in an interview said: "the electronic temperature control will not cause too much impact on themechanical type thermostat, freezer using a mechanical temperature controller remains a huge production and sales, the future for a long period of time, the electronic temperature control and the mechanical type thermostat willparallel development." It is understood that the Foshan Tongbao also tried the electronic temperature control deviceR & D and production, but the product of the production line and production technology and mechanical thermostat is completely different, and some machine factory will not be assured of this part of the business to fittings factory,therefore Foshan Tongbao has at the end of 2009 related business transfer out.

There are clues that release type temperature controller in a "popular" area has been more widely used, the inverter air conditioner production enterprises Procurement tripping type temperature controller, for the protection of thecompressor. In this regard, Zhang Zhiming to the "electrical" reporters said: "this way in five or six years ago has been air-conditioning enterprise adopted. Now more and more enterprises apply big popular. The factory hopes to increase the cost of a few dollars. To further ensure the safety of the use of variable frequency air conditioner."According to Xinyikang monitoring data show that the first quarter of 2010, inverter air conditioner retail volumeshare of the overall market share increased from 6.62% in 2007 to 2669%, the volume of retail sales year-on-year growth rate of 17288%. Inverter air conditioner market growth may give a tripping type temperature controller will bring new development opportunities.

   In the thermostat production field. Emerson electric can be said to be the history is long, the product quality,precision have competitive advantages. Emerson electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the fuse,thermostat and thermal resistance of three categories of products production. In the field of survival tips is -- is good at capturing the market gaps. The company's China Sales Manager Zhou Fenyun told the "electrical" reporter, "at present, is applied to the current more than 25A's thermostat heating type electric water heater is mostly provided by the Emerson electric. At first, this part of products are mainly targeted at foreign markets, but recently, along with theChinese market for high-end, high out to increase the amount of water that the hot type electric water heaterproducts demand, thermostat demand supporting such products is growing very quickly."

"Labor shortage" to promote industrial automation process

When the factory orders in Zhu Yun's desk, the problem appeared again. "In 2010 the emergence of labor shortage.Workers are out of production, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, the labor shortage is particularly serious."Said Zhu Yun somewhat reluctantly interview. "At present, Yuan Fang on one hand to preferential treatment toattract workers to work, on the other hand, accelerate enterprise automation production process." It is understood that from the beginning of the second half of 2009, Yuan invested tens of millions of Yuan transformation equipment,in 2010 there have been 2 production lines completed the transformation of automation. Zhu Yun said: "although invested a lot, but is worth it, through the production automation, element not only can solve the difficult employmentproblem, thermostat production. Other aspects of the quality is easier to control, efficiency is also improved, which is beneficial to the development of enterprises."

Han Shaoneng also to the "electrical" reporter described a similar situation, he said: "now it hard, young '80 hind" and "90 after" workers far less able to endure hardship, work state is not stable, this to the enterprise managementcause trouble. Therefore, to improve the automation of production must be put on the agenda.

The labor shortage in Dongguan Kaine Ma Zong said: "this is the thermostat manufacturers round strength of baptism, the only solution is to increase the automatic cargo equipment to replace the artificial, start in their ownmanagement, to the management to effectiveness, to reform cost" this is Kaine in 2010 the degree of internaltraining, only practice management work, improve productivity and reduce the cost, in order to meet the needs of the market.

    According to the introduction, Foshan Tongbao is through technological transformation, improve the level of production automation, improve efficiency, reduce personnel costs. Wheat harvest revealed, Foshan Tongbao input in the production aspect of automation will be divided into several steps. He explained that "as the production automation and transformation equipment need to invest a lot of money, and now Foshan Tongbao input technologyrenovation costs in the next one or two years are not necessarily back. So we are ready to finish the reform step by step." To enhance the competitiveness of products, to ensure the profit of plough, thermostat market competition is intense, almost into the pure cost competition stage, many enterprises are not satisfied with the current profit rate.An interview with reporters that. Thermostat supply price of different brands of the same species are not the same,sometimes even a few times. Emerson thermostat each delivery of similar products in the market price is 2 ~ 3 times,each priced strx temperature controller is 4 ~ 6 times that of similar products.

This problem is considered, Lu, professional, innovation ability and reliable product quality is the key to win the market position of Strix temperature controller. He said: "Strix seized one point one one electric kettle machinemanufacturing enterprises is actually very willing to have fittings factory to provide professional, mature and creativeproduction scheme, which can reduce the input of R & D machine factory. Especially like the United States, SUPOR this brand, electric kettle in its overall business is just a small part of the simplified link can make them more directlyprofit. And think of creative solutions to provide maximum sacrificed also boosted the thermostat production sales, at present, the global electric kettle 2 / 3 are equipped with a thermostat Strix.

Emerson in the Chinese market the thermostat sales of approximately 20000000 branches, and to receive tens of millions of dollars of sales revenue. Zhou Fenyun said: "some brand to develop low-cost competitive strategy, eachof the thermostat is priced at only $1, while Emerson has always aimed at the high-end market. Continue to producequality, precision temperature controller lEA- competitive advantage. Emerson did because prices lost customers,but with the requirements of product quality to improve consumer and machine factory, more customers recognizedEmerson thermostat value, become our partners."

Standing on the new starting point in planning for the future

    For thermostat industry, 2010 is regarded as a new starting point. Many enterprises are taking a more positive attitude, to take a variety of ways to plan their own future. Toward the end of the interview, the reporter found that"appliances". "Bigger, stronger, doing fine, doing" is the common goal of thermostat enterprises in 2010.

In 2010, thermostat production target Kowloon made 6000000 ~ 7000000 branch. Han Shaoneng said: "compared with other thermostat production enterprises, Kowloon can design their own, manufacturing equipment, which is more conducive to the Kowloon grasp market opportunities, in the shortest possible time to produce suitable thermostatmarket. In 2010, to further strengthen the management of product quality. And the increase of production line. At present 70% of the equipment already in place. The running in debugging in progress, plans to formally put into production in July..

Zhu Yun is hoping to Yuanfang thermostats in 2010 annual sales to achieve double growth, because at the end of 2009 4 production lines imported from abroad has been put into production. But she also has some to worry,"thermostat Market is likely to once again plunged into a small valley in the experience of retaliatory rebound after.To this end, Yuan Fang also strengthen the communication with the customer, the current backlog of ordersarranged. In this way, hand does not occupy the client funds; on the other hand, also won't give element productioncause too much pressure, coordinate the annual production of rhythm. Emerson's goal is to make the sensor leadingenterprises, so the business scope is not limited in the fuse, thermostat, Re Min resistance of these three categories,the future will be to humidity control, flow control, liquid level control fields.

In 2010, Strix continue to R & D investment profit will maintain 15% ~ 20%. Lv Tian said: "Strix make bimetalthermostat has a history of 35 years, the survival of the secret is innovation. Every year, invest a lot of money on R & D, but will eventually put into production successfully and only 2, in 3 cases, even so, we must stick to the road of innovation, which is the key to the survival and development of enterprises.

The development prospects of good Zhang Zhiming thermostat business. He told the "electrical" reporter: "releasetype temperature controller in market capacity of about 500000000, the cake is not possible by a brand for yourself,2010 Sensata will further expand the product market share. From the market situation now, the first quarter of 2010than in 2009 fourth quarter sales have increased significantly, the second quarter of 2010 while maintaining growth,but the upward trend is slowing down. Therefore, Sensata will adopt various means to adjust the whole production,reduce the risk. Sensata will encourage distributors play the role of regulating the production, when the market is off-season multiple delivery and reduce the peak season of production pressure."