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Liquid expansion type temperature controller is introduced
Date:11/06/2014   Click:5293

The WYE series products

1, mainly used in electric control, such as electric water heater, electric boiling water heater, washing machine,electric oven and so on, can also be used for room temperature control and refrigeration control.

2, the temperature range of -35 DEG C: ~320

3, current and voltage rating: AC250V 16A&AC400V10A

4, life: >100000Cycle (400V)

Type WQS/A series products

1, suitable for electric water heater, electric boiling water heater, washing machine, electric oven, frying pan and otherhousehold electric appliances as electric thermal control over temperature protection

2, the temperature range of 50 DEG ~300 DEG:

3, current and voltage rating: AC250V 16A

4, life: >6000Cycle

WQS/B series

1, applicable to the machine full grade disconnect protection water heater, water heater, washing machine etc.

2, the temperature range of 70 DEG ~180 DEG

3, current and voltage rating: AC250V 20A

4, life: >6000Cycle