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Heating thermostat
Date:11/06/2014   Click:3297

Along with the people to the pursuit of quality of life, in the aspects of a traditional method of heating in winter heating,heating equipment will be installed on the floor, heat is emitted out from the underground and makes people feelcomfortable. Heating temperature controller is to control the heating equipment and the development of a terminal control products, it can according to the needs of people divided time setting switch machine or room temperature,thereby realizing the intelligent heating.

Heating temperature control comprises a temperature control panel, a temperature control probe, the line of control,electric actuators, low switch box and line pipe. Heating thermostat is mainly divided into mechanical and electronic.The mechanical type thermostat, the interior is double metal sheet or a metal membrane box, according to the objectof heat expansion and cold contraction principle, adjustment in the set temperature conditions, the ambient temperature of heating or cooling (see attached is a heater or cooler). Electronic type is the ambient temperature bythermistor sensing, is controlled by a relay connected heater or cooler to work or stop.

Electric heating thermostat is installed inside the wall above, usually similar to light switch position, try to choose nocovering office installation. The general temperature control device is installed in the 1.5m from the ground height,surrounding there shall be no radiating device, avoid direct sunlight, temperature sensing probe below is not covered,the surrounding without any cooling device should not be set often stay in the position of personnel.