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How to correctly choose the electric protector?
Date:11/06/2014   Click:5009

At present, the motor protector on the market a superb collection of beautiful things, quality is uneven. Then the face of all kinds of the products, the user should be how to choose.

1, motor: must first understand its type specification, motor function characteristics, protection type, rated voltage,rated current, rated power, power frequency, the insulation level etc.. These content is basic to give users seekelectric protective agent reference.

2, environmental conditions: mainly refers to the normal temperature, high temperature, cold, corrosion, shock, wind,altitude, electromagnetic pollution.

Use: 3, the motor wind machine, water pump, air compressor, lathe, oil pumping machine different load characteristics, such as pump motor protector, you should have under load function, when the water pump to pump the water out, the protector should be given protection directive.

4, control system: manual and automatic control mode and local control, remote control, single independent operation, production line centralized control etc.. Start mode: direct, antihypertensive, star delta, frequency sensitive rheostat, inverter, soft start of start-up mode.

And selection of electric protector has certain related factors there are many, such as the installation position, power,and power distribution system with the other; but also to consider is to purchase a new motor protector, or motor protection upgrades, or on the accident of motor protection improvement; also should consider changing the motor protection mode of production difficulty and the degree of influence; according to the scene actual work conditionconsidering the selection and adjustment of electric protector.