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Ballast for purchase and use and the matters needing attention
Date:11/06/2014   Click:5654

1, watch the flag on the ballast content is complete, the main production factory or vendor should have a Chinesename; rated supply voltage and frequency with lamps; specifications and power; circuit; the tw value (windingtemperature resistance); delta T value (winding Wen Shengzhi); at a mark (as with thermal protector internal shallthis sign) and CCC certification mark.

Winding heat resistant TW 2, ballast value should be as high as possible, and the winding temperature rise t should be as low as possible, TW value and the difference delta T value bigger, better quality that ballast. General goodballast tw=130 delta T is less than or equal to 60.

3, the high intensity discharge lamp with the inductive ballast, choose as far as possible with at logo products, this sign is said ballast with heat protector, three bit inverted triangle successful in practical application is marked ballast surfaces the hottest Celsius temperature value, generally 140 ~ 160. The ballast has this sign, when the damage occurred in light or starting device (abnormal state), thermal protector can automatically moves, which can ensure the reliable safety ballast and lamp using the.

In addition, the ballast to buy back, should pay attention to the following instructions for use:

1, buy a ballast, do not install, should look carefully and read marker ballast installation manual, connecting wires in accordance with the provisions of the specification requires the selection of suitable markers or cross-sectional area of the lamp tube and the ballast is connected according to the wiring diagram on the label.

The right tube by 2, according to the signs provide tube parameters, found that both ends of the lamp tube jump red,not bright, should be the timely replacement of lamp ballast, prevent the occurrence of burn out unsafephenomenon.

3, in a clean maintenance should be careful not to turn ordinary combustible materials, such as paper, cloth, the omission of the ballast, no safety issues so as to avoid overheating of the ballast and produce, do not use wet clothto wipe the ballast, to avoid electric shock (electric shock) situation.