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How to secure the welding temperature fuse?
Date:11/06/2014   Click:5054

Connection mode temperature fuse may be soldered, spot welding or splice. Temperature fuse which belongs to a temperature sensitive device, improper enforcement welding will produce serious damage to the temperature fuse.So what can we do to ensure that the temperature fuse "security" in welding?

A, when the use of soldering temperature fuse, care must be taken to avoid overheating and damage of weldingtemperature fuse. Because of the temperature fuse internal temperature sensing element is a low melting point alloy wire, connected to the two pin. Welding temperature is too high, the welding time is too long, the pin is too short not correct welding mode will cause heat through pinout incoming temperature inside the fuse, temperature fuseoverheating damage to.

Two, the temperature fuse pin as far as possible to stay longer. A long pin allows the possibility of a long weldingtime and reduce the temperature fuse overheating. At the same time, to control the soldering temperature is not too high, the welding time is as short as possible.

In three, the welding or welding, temperature fuse pin must be properly fixed. Or pin or sealing resin may be injury.When the sealing resin in the heat of the moment, pull or twist of the temperature fuse pin may be so that it and thetemperature fuse torn off, cause failure. Because of some, in the sealing resin before cooling can not move thetemperature fuse, interval of at least 30 seconds may re welding, dressing, fixed or mobile temperature fuse. Coolingtime depends on the welding temperature, welding (or spot welding time, pin length etc.). First proposed for testing to determine the best welding (spot welding) welding temperature and time, with what kind of cooling method.

Four, the spot welding current can not flow through the temperature alloy.

Five, mechanical connection can not rely on brazing a.

Six, the purchase shall be subject to inspection, check whether the damaged during shipping. Suggestions for re inspection after installation, conducting measurement or X ray inspection in before and after installation.