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How to through adjusting the thermostat to refrigerator power saving?
Date:11/06/2014   Click:4897

Refrigerator, everybody is not strange to the appliance. With the development of economy, the improvement of people's living standard, the electric refrigerator has become the people life indispensable one of. Almost each and every family has a refrigerator. The electric refrigerator is 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. With its generateelectricity cost. So how to energy saving refrigerator has become one of the issues of concern to the user. The following for you to introduce how to UNITA through adjusting the thermostat to the refrigerator energy saving.

Refrigerator thermostat is adopted, the role is to control the compressor start stop, thereby adjusting the maintain therefrigerator freezing chamber and a refrigerating chamber temperature at a certain value.

Refrigerator thermostat knob in general there are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 gear, the larger the number, the freezertemperature is low. General spring and autumn we put 3 archives, depends on your specific requirements, the freezing chamber can reach 18 degrees below 0. In order to achieve food preservation and the purpose of saving energy, we can hit 1 files or 2 stalls in summer, winter hit 4 or 5 speed gear.

Some people may think that the winter temperature is low, but the temperature setting of the lower (thermostatnumerical value), summer temperatures are high, but the temperature is set high (thermostat numerical small), is notreversed. In fact, there are a lot of people have such a wrong understanding, think winter low temperature of therefrigerator temperature set point, summer temperatures are high to low.

Except through adjusting the thermostat and electricity, some actions in daily life, but also can save electricity oh.Such as refrigerators, location, method of access to food, there is not a long time to open the refrigerator etc..