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The difference between the temperature switch and fuse
Date:11/06/2014   Click:5225

Temperature switch, when the temperature rises to the action of temperature, the bimetallic element thermal stress produced rapid action, open / closed contact, cut / connect circuit, thus plays the role of thermal protection. It can be used repeatedly, life than a long fuse. Compared with the temperature fuse, electric capacity is larger, many can bedirectly installed in the winding, but also has the induction temperature and current and the action of double performance.

Temperature fuse, refers to the temperature sensing point temperature above a certain temperature, can protect thecomponents of disposable disconnect circuit, than the temperature switch to it can protect circuit, can be used only once, only the replacement of the new temperature fuse, circuit to recover smooth.

In terms of price, the temperature control switch is mostly reusable, so the price is much expensive than temperature fuse