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auto reset bimetal motor thermal protector 6ap


1. Current sensitive wiper thermal protector used for car wiper 
2.Current range 3-30A 
3. Accurate trip off time

6APE series is a current sensitive wiper thermal protector. They can protect motor of window lift or wiper from over heating or loading and will cut off the power during prescribed period. It has the same functions as Sensata thermal protector 6AP.

* Special Features:

Small size, long life and high reliability
High quality level bimetal ensures that it can withstand the current of normal circuit. 
The combination of bimetal and heater can action snappily. 
Accurate trip off time can prevent motor from overheating or loading;
Both temperature and current sensitive.
Terminals are optional and customized
Wires are optional and customizing


* Electrical Ratings:

30A / 15V DC
15A / 30V DC
18A / 250V AC
28A / 125V AC


* Technical Parameters:

Action temperature range: 50-180
Temperature tolerance: ±5
Trip off current range: 3-32A
Trip off time: 4-10S (flexible)


* Applications:

Window lift motor, skylight motor, aerial motor, and wiper motor
Various engines, dc motors
Various washing machines, vacuum cleaners and gardening equipments

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